How to Set up Elastic Search & Kibana on AWS

This is the second article in a series where I plan to go over on how to avoid 24×7 support in your organization, be sure to read the first post where I talk about what you should be logging in the first place.


Inheritance – A horror story!

Let me start with stating that inheritance is not bad, in fact frankly I’m in love with it and use it a lot, but using it in the wrong places is like deciding to ride a motorbike in heavy snow with a warning of a tsunami triggered by an earthquake which is just refusing to…


Choosing an AWS EC2 Instance

Choosing an EC2 Instance Hey guys, in this post I am going to talk about what all to think about before choosing an EC2 instance for whatever work load that you have for it to do. The Basics Ok, if you are new to cloud, the first thought that comes to mind is something akin…


Multi-Tenancy / Global Filters in Entity Framework

Multi-Tenancy / Global Filters in Entity Framework In this article I am going to describe a method to add global filters in Entity framework. The version I used for this example is 6.1 What does it do? Imagine that you have a multi-tenant database i.e. in a single database you have data for multiple tenants.…

SSL Termination

SSL Termination and AWS ELB

What is SSL termination? SSL termination is the term pointing to proxy servers or load balancers which accepts SSL/TLS connections however do not use the same while connecting to the back end servers. E.g. A load balancer exposed to the internet might accept HTTPS at port 443 but connects to backend servers via HTTP only.…

dynamic runtime architecture

C#: Dynamic Keyword: What, Why & When

What The “dynamic” keyword was first introduced in C# 4.0. It is used something like this: Using this you can even return anonymous .Net types (see the “When” section before you actually do this in production code): In the above code note that anonymous types are internal to an assembly, this means that if you…